Razer Shows Off Rough Design For Xbox 360 Arcade Stick

Razer is well known for making some really cool gaming accessories for computers and game consoles. The latest project that is underway at Razer is the new Xbox 360 Ultimate Arcade Stick. It looks like a joystick off an 80's arcade game for sure. It has a big joystick with a black knob along with eight colored buttons. The design you see in the photos is not finalized.

Razer is actually asking people to apply to join the closed beta program for the designing of the Xbox 360 arcade stick. Razer is looking for pro gaming teams to test out the arcade stick for them and help shape what the final product will look like and work like. Razer is also opening the beta design phase to the average gamers out there.

Any gamer can apply to be part of the program. There will be up to 500 arcade stick pro gamers, modders, and fans that will be sent a prototype of the joystick, that as of now has no official name. The feedback will be used to refine the design. You can apply to be part of the beta team here.