Razer reveals reusable telescopic straw kit with carrying case

Razer, the company best known for its gaming laptops and accessories, is back with a new device — but it has nothing to do with playing video games. The newly introduced Razer Reusable Straw is exactly what it sounds like: a metal straw that you can use to drink, then clean and store until the next time you need a straw.

Though straws are a very basic device, one must admit that Razer's reusable straw kit is visually appealing, one that bundles a telescopic metal straw with a similar cleaning brush and a carrying case for storing both. The case includes a carabiner for attaching the entire bundle to your bag.

Reusable straws, of course, eliminate the need to use disposable straws, which are overwhelming made of plastic that ends up quickly discarded. Consumers have increasingly adopted reusable straws as part of their personal effort to reduce reliance on disposable plastics.

The reusable straw, in this case, is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel and includes a silicone tip to help protect oneself from particularly hot or cold liquids. The case, meanwhile, is also made from silicone. The included straw brush also has a telescopic design.

When fully extended, the straw measures 9-inches in length with a bottom inner diameter of 0.23-inch and a weight of 10.7 grams. The Razer Reusable Straw is available from Razer now for $19.99 USD, though it is temporarily listed as out of stock.