Razer RealSense camera revealed for desktop gaming

This morning Razer revealed an Intel-powered RealSense camera for PC gamers. While this technology has been used for 3D applications before – scanning in the real world, for example, Razer is bringing the technology home squarely in the gaming arena. Think facial tracking while you're using your multi-monitor setup to race cars. This camera will be launching as its own stand-along peripheral for desktop PC gaming first – but we wouldn't be surprised to see it launch on a Razer laptop in the near future.

The first product coming from Razer with this technology will be very, very small. Able to fit in your pocket – or the palm of your hand – this camera is a long cylinder shape with a flat camera array that sits atop a movable base piece for standing at any angle.

Another example of usage – Twitch. With Twitch integration, this camera will allow gamers to have full face overlay for broadcasters without the need for a greenscreen. Tracking your body will allow this camera to capture you, and only you.

This device will be available from Razer in or around Q1 of 2016 with full Intel RealSense abilities ready to roll right out the box. Pricing and final naming details have not yet been made available.