Razer Phone 2 clear back mod will surprise you

JC Torres - Nov 1, 2018, 10:33pm CDT
Razer Phone 2 clear back mod will surprise you

When Razer set out to give the Razer Phone 2 a more clearly distinctive gaming design, what it really meant to do was to give it a touch of color-changing lights in only one area of the phone. In other words, it was less flamboyant as a gaming phone than the ASUS ROG Phone or the Xiaomi Black Helo. Gamers, however, love sprucing up their rigs and gears and they might be interested in at least turning the back of the Razer Phone 2 transparent. Fortunately, JerryRigEverything goes through the entire process so that you can decide whether the effort is worth it or not.

That process is a rather short one, admittedly. Short but grueling. It seems that for this second round, Razer has decided to foil attempts at taking the phone apart and even make it’s back clear. Or at least dissuade those interested in taking that course.

For one, the Razer Phone 2’s glass back has the same “scratch to clear” material as the Google Pixel 3, which makes it more tedious to take from black to transparent. Even more tedious is having to carefully scratch around the Razer logo without damaging it. And you’ll definitely want to keep that logo intact.

That’s because underneath the glass back is nothing worth seeing. Everything is occluded by a protective cover and the large, unattractive wireless charging coil. And the source of the LED lights? A large, amorphous patch of white. Nothing to see here at all.

While the Pixel 3 was seemingly made to be seen naked, the Razer Phone 2 seemed specifically designed to be totally unattractive from within. Zack Nelson will, however, still tear down the phone, so there might still be a way to salvage its looks. Or slap on a skin or case when all else fails.

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