Razer Phone 2 Android Pie update nears, phone business in peril

JC Torres - Feb 19, 2019, 7:48 pm CST
Razer Phone 2 Android Pie update nears, phone business in peril

It has barely been half a year since Razer boasted about the success of its new smartphone venture which eventually led to the launch of the Razer Phone 2. But within those five or so months, it seems that Razer has either had a change of heart or the business didn’t seem as profitable as it expected. Sources now hint that trouble is brewing for Razer’s phone division but, fortunately, that’s not going to stop the Razer Phone 2 from getting its pie.

Despite not having that many phones on its portfolio, Razer hasn’t exactly been as fast as updating its phones as Essential has been. Then again, Android 9.0 Pie’s rollout has been rather slow in general so it’s not too surprising. Fortunately, things are taking a positive turn.

According to 9to5Google, unlocked models of the Razer Phone 2 will get the update starting February 27. Carriers might start the rollout on March 14 but, strangely, AT&T is said to do it on April 4. Dates might vary but the fact is that it is at least coming.

That, however, might be the last major update the phone receives. An insider tip claims that the company has laid off the majority of its employees working on mobile devices and hardware engineering. In addition, the tip says that the Razer Phone 3 has been canceled.

Droid Life sent an inquiry to Razer, who unsurprisingly gave a typical PR reply that makes no mention of the phone business in particular. The company, it says, is in the process of realigning and strengthening its path to growth, which inevitably leads to shuttering projects and letting employees go. Earlier this week, Razer also shut down it Game Store after just ten months of operations.

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