Razer Orochi mobile gaming mouse available in limited numbers

Shane McGlaun - Oct 14, 2009, 9:44am CDT
Razer Orochi mobile gaming mouse available in limited numbers

Gaming notebooks are getting more powerful all the time making gaming with a laptop actually something that many gamers are able to do. The catch is that a track pad is not the way gamers want to control their characters on screen and a full size mouse kills some of the portability of a mobile gaming machine. You may recall back in July that Razer announced a new mobile gaming mouse called the Orochi.

The mouse wasn’t available to purchase when it was announced and Razer is now announcing that the mouse is shipping in limited quantities. Engadget has its mitts on a unit and spent some hands in time with the gaming rodent. The first impressions are that the device is a good mouse and the dual Bluetooth and USB modes are cool.

The mouse has an ambidextrous design, which many gaming mice lack today. The clicking scroll wheel is featured from other Razer mice and the device has six buttons. The mouse sells for $79.99 and works well for mobile gaming. In the end, Engadget figures you will want a full-size mouse for all night gaming fests. If you want one of the mice and stocks are out again, a signup sheet is available to be contacted when the mouse comes back in stock.

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