Razer Naga Pro modular mouse is the jack of all games

Razer has announced the next product in its line of Naga modular gaming mice: the Naga Pro. Similar to the Naga Trinity, the Naga Pro comes with three swappable side plates that have a varying number of buttons. Each side plate is tailored for a different genre of game, whether those are battle royale and FPS titles or MOBAs and MMOs.

Specifically, the Naga Pro ships with 2-button, 6-button, and 12-button side plates. The 6-button side plate is the newcomer, and it's replacing the 7-button side plate we saw on the Naga Trinity. While that 7-button side plate arranged the buttons in a circle, the new Naga Pro side plate arranges them in two rows of three.

Whether that's an upgrade or a downgrade will be up to individual users. As Razer notes, the 12-button side plate is intended for MMO/RTS players, the 6-button side plate is intended for MOBA/battle royales, and finally, the 2-button one is intended for FPS titles. The side plates magnetically attach to the mouse, just like they do in the Naga Trinity.

So, what's changed aside from the side plates? Razer says that the Naga Pro uses the company's HyperSpeed wireless tech and boasts a battery life of up to 100 hours on a 2.4GHz connection or up to 150 hours on Bluetooth. The mouse can be charged either by connecting it to your PC or by using the Razer Mouse Dock Chroma. The Naga Pro also uses Razer's Optical Mouse Switches and its Focus+ Optical Sensor.

You can program each of the buttons on these side plates, and if you use Razer Synapse, you can give each button a secondary function. It sounds like a pretty solid mouse, especially if you play MMOs but don't play them exclusively, but this kind of functionality will set you back a not-insignificant $149.99. The mouse is launching today and you can find it at Razer.com.