Razer Lycosa – More than just another backlit keyboard

Chris Scott Barr - Oct 9, 2007

The other day we saw an interesting gaming keyboard from Belkin that was an all-or-nothing setup. Basically, it was good for hardcore gamers, but you still needed to have a separate keyboard just for typing. Here’s a new one from Razer that goes to the other end of the spectrum.

The new Lycosa keyboard doesn’t look much different than your average keyboard. In fact, if not for the glow of the backlit keys, you probably wouldn’t even think twice about this keyboard being all that special. There’s more than meets the eye with this keyboard, as you can reprogram any of the keys to your liking, assign macros and store up to 10 profiles inside the keyboard itself. This lets you keep your configurations even while using a different PC.

The keys on the Lycosa feature a non-slip rubber finish which I would imagine would be very cool. Regular plastic keys tend to get a little slippery after a long gaming session, or that third slice of pizza. You also get a single USB port in addition to the jacks for your headphones and mic. You can pick one of these up next month for $79.99.

Razer Announces the Lycosa Gaming Keyboard
[via ohgizmo]

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