Razer Kishi is now the iPhone's best gaming controller

Today the folks at Razer released their universal gaming controller Kishi for the iPhone. This device is universal insofar as it's able to connect with a Lightning plug and it's large enough to fit the vast majority of iPhone devices. An earlier version of the Kishi was released this year with compatibility for USB-C devices running Android and it emerged as the best mobile gaming controller in its class – there's little reason to think that bit doesn't continue here.

As we explored earlier this year with the Android version of this controller, the hardware is solid. The controller comes in one piece, unlocks, and wraps the phone in a big hug. Once connected, the phone has a set of hardware controls that include the following:

Hardware controls:

• Clickable analog thumbsticks

• 8-way D-pad

• Function buttons

• 1 Special Function Button

• Triggers: L1, L2, R1, R2

Other Features:

• Speaker Ports

• Face buttons

• Status indicator

• Lightning connector

• Stretchable Support Bar (holds everything snug)

• Retaining plate

• Release Latches (to unlock)

This controller does not have an internal battery – it functions with power from your iPhone. The controller weighs in at 0.36 pounds (163g) and is approximately 3.71 x 5.28 x 1.47-inches large when collapsed. You'll find a Razer Kishi app available from the official App Store for your iPhone that you'll need to download in order to get the full Razer Kishi controller experience.

The Razer Kishi for iPhone was released for purchase in the Apple Online Store for approximately $99.99 as today, September 16, 2020. This controller will be released by a variety of retailers as of September 22, 2020. The price should remain approximately $100 USD right out the gate.

UPDATE: Supported phones include iPhone 6+, 6s+, 7+, 8+, as well as iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, and iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. We can safely assume the iPhone 12 and friends will play nice with this controller when they're revealed later this year.