Razer iPhone Kishi released with "free" Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial

There's a new Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for iPhone (Xbox) out in the market this week. Right alongside the launch of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud streaming at Xbox (dot com), Razer's teamed up with Microsoft to deliver a controller that's made to work on this platform, top to bottom. Users will plug their iPhone in to this device, open Safari (the web browser), go to the official Xbox website, and log in.

You do not need this specific controller to play Xbox games on your iPhone. That's not what this is all about. This is simply one of several ways in which an iPhone user can make the whole Xbox streaming system work with the greatest of ease.

This version of the Kishi for iPhone works with a new design with Monochrome face buttons. This version also works with MFi certification, connects with most (not all) iPhone models released over the past few years, and "seamlessly works with controller-compatible iOS titles" from Xbox and with Apple Arcade.

There is very little difference between this Razer iPhone Kishi and the one that's been released in the past. This one (with the Xbox in the name) comes with a 90-day "free trial" of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – which is different from the versions that've come before. This device is one of many Kishi controllers for a variety of devices

This Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for iPhone (Xbox) will cost approximately $100 USD (or 110 Euro) when it becomes available in the Razer Store online and at retailers in the USA and throughout Europe. We published a Razer Kishi Review back in June of 2020 in an earlier iteration. If this newest version is as good or better than that, it's not going to be difficult to recommend the hardware to prospective users of Xbox cloud gaming on iPhone devices – not difficult at all!