Razer Huntsman V2 keyboard makes big latency boasts while cutting back on noise

Razer today announced a new lineup of Huntsman keyboards. Appropriately named "Huntsman V2," the new lineup is comprised of both a full-sized keyboard and a tenkeyless model. Razer says that the Huntsman V2 is the "world's fastest keyboard," thanks to its optical switches and the inclusion of the company's HyperPolling technology, but the Huntsman V2 also seems to make some improvements to acoustics as well.

Specifically, Razer says that the Huntsman V2 uses 2nd-gen linear optical switches outfitted silicone sound dampeners that muffle the clack of each key. If you thought that the original Huntsman was a little too loud, you apparently aren't alone there, as the decision to include those sound dampeners was based on feedback from users and pro players, according to Razer.

Helping out with acoustics is the chassis on the keyboard, which now has "a series of sound dampening features" that can help absorb the thuds of keys as they bottom out. But, of course, some gamers like their noisy mechanical keyboards, and if you count yourself in that camp, you can also pick up the Huntsman V2 with clicky purple keys instead of the linear red ones.

Those optical switches are paired with Razer's HyperPolling tech, which brings the polling rate up to 8000Hz. Razer boasts "near-zero latency" as a result, though we're not sure how much of a real difference that will make for anyone who isn't a pro gamer. In addition, the full-sized Huntsman V2 comes with a dial that sits above the number pad, along with four media keys. The tenkeyless model ditches the number pad, dial, and media keys, but other than that, the two keyboards seem to have similar feature sets.

For instance, both keyboards ship with a wrist rest, support on-the-fly macro recording, and have enough onboard storage for five different profiles. Of course, both keyboards also support Razer Chroma RGB, but these days it's safe to assume that most of Razer's accessories will support that.

Both Huntsman V2 models are available today with linear red keys from Razer's website and authorized retailers, while the models with clicky purple switches are Best Buy exclusives. For the full-sized keyboard, expect to spend $189.99 on the model with clicky switches and $199.99 for the model with linear red ones. The tenkeyless model, on the hand, is a fair amount less expensive, with an asking price of $149.99 for the clicky purple switches and $159.99 for the linear red switches.