Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves keep those sweaty digits off your screen

Mobile gaming is a booming industry these days, and everyone and anyone wants to make a buck one way or another. From gaming smartphones to games themselves to accessories, the market is teeming with products aimed at capitalizing on that lucrative business. Not all of those products always make sense, though, even ones from renowned brands. From the company that brought you the triple-screen Project Valerie laptop concept and the Zephyr RGB face mask comes the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve, promising to bring you victory by not letting your fingers slip up, quite literally too.

Despite countless gaming controllers of different designs available in the market, mobile games are still designed to respond to touch input first and foremost. Smartphone makers have worked to improve touch responsiveness and display refresh rates to level up mobile gaming, but they haven't been able to fix one of the biggest complaints about smartphones in that regard. Naturally, smartphones have glass screens, and those tend to accumulate grime and fingerprints that could hamper your performance.

Razer is now coming to the rescue with its Gaming Finger Sleeves, practically cloth thimbles designed for gaming. Their primary function is to give your fingers, mostly your thumbs, better hold on the screen with its anti-slip high-sensitivity silver fiber material. Unlike most fabrics, these won't hamper touch sensitivity, otherwise, it defeats the entire purpose of the accessory.

The company claims that the 0.8mm thick material is lightweight, breathable, and sweat-absorbent. That means no more oily smudges on your screen while you desperately struggle to gain the upper hand, or finger in this case. The cloth thimbles are hand-washable, too, so you won't have to worry about them getting lost in the washing machine.

It may sound like a tongue-in-cheek and late April Fools joke, but Razer is dead serious about its new product. Just like the Zephyr face mask, the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeve is an actual commercial product, now available for $9.99 a piece.