Razer Game Store Closing Up Shop After Less Than A Year

The PC gaming market is undergoing some rather tumultuous changes. For years, it was just Steam and everyone else. Epic Games, however, is now challenging the status quo, testing loyalties, and potentially making smaller stores pointless. Whether that's what prompted Razer to shut down its Game Store in less than a year, we might never know. Then again, that Razer Game Store may not have been profitable in the first place.

The Razer Game Store wasn't really a proper PC game distribution platform anyway. It was merely a storefront for other distribution channels, Steam and Ubisoft's Uplay to be precise, that offered Razer's on virtual currency as rewards for purchasing games from the store. That currency can then be used for buying other games or, eventually, go towards discounts for Razer products.

Despite the popularity of the Razer brand, that idea may have never caught on. At least not enough to even reach the store's first anniversary in two months. Starting February 28, 01:00 PT, the Razer Game Store will cease to operate. The reason? It's simply part of the company's "realignment plans".

For the few that did invest in that store, their games will remain theirs since they were redeemed on Steam and Uplay anyway. Unredeemed keys, however, might become invalid after the 28th. Razer will still fulfill pre-orders made through the store and those who are really into the virtual currency business can move over to Razer's new Gold and Silver system.