Razer enters PC component market with plenty of Chroma

Razer announced a variety of new PC components this week with an ultimate goal of fully outfitting your top-tier DIY gaming rig. AIO Liquid Coolers, Case Fans, PWM Fan Controllers, Platinum PSUs, and Razer Chroma lighting through the whole set. Some of these devices will be released soon, others will appear in early 2022!

What'll it take

Razer suggests that they'll release these products with the same high standards they set for all of their gaming peripherals. In the case of desktop components, Razer suggests they've designed everything for performance, they have the highest reliability standards, and they're making an effort to deliver a software experience that's "simplified."

For performance, this means these products have "ultra-efficient power management", best-in-class thermal temperatures, and "optimized acoustics" for as quiet as possible operation.

Reliability means that these products will be certified and tested for extended reliability, they'll be made with "enthusiast level" quality standards, and they'll be made with "premium" materials and finishes.

The software that allows Razer PC components to function will be "integrated and tested to ensure compatibility." They'll offer "extensive access" to data on performance, and they'll work in a plug-and-play way with 3rd-party hardware.

Razer PC components

The Razer Kunai Chroma fan will be released in 120MM and 140MM sizes. Kunai will have a starting price at around $44.99 USD, and a release date of October 21, 2021 through Razer.com – and through "leading retailers" soon.

Razer PWM PC Fan Controller will be released on October 21 through Razer online and 3rd-party retailers soon. The PWM PC Fan Controller will cost users approximately $49.99 USD.

The Razer Hanbo Chroma liquid coolers will be available in November of 2021. These machines are where the rings of CHROMA light really shine – they'll be available in 240MM and 360MM sizes.

Razer Katana Chroma power supplies will be available in the first quarter of the year 2022. These Katana power supplies will be available in 750W and 1600W sizes – and we don't yet have info on exact release date or pricing.