Razer Edge Pro Gaming System touts Synaptics ClearPad touch technology

Chris Burns - Jan 22, 2013
Razer Edge Pro Gaming System touts Synaptics ClearPad touch technology

This week the folks at Synaptics are making it clear what they’ve contributed to one of the most decorated gaming products at CES 2013: the Razer Edge Pro Gaming System. This machine has been shown as using none other than the Synaptics ClearPad 7300 Single-Chip Touch Controller, made with technology that’s able to work with not only this device, but a wide variety of devices across the touch spectrum.

What Synaptics does here is to work together with a variety of technologies from manufacturers from names you’ve very well heard of before on what the team calls “one of the most powerful tablets ever built”. Included in this tablet is Intel with their 3rd Gen (Ivy Bridge) Intel Core processors, NVIDIA with their excellent GeForce graphics galore, and of course Microsoft’s Windows 8. This is all under a lovely 10.1-inch multi-touch display with which you’ll be gaming all night long.

What Synaptics brings to the gadget universe – for Windows 8 in this case – is support for up to 12-inch displays with full tracking of 10 or more fingers at a time with their ClearPad 7300 technology. Synaptics has this tech ready for tablets, PCs, and everything in-between with all of this power contained in a single ACIC. Synaptics pushes this product as what they’re saying is needing the shortest development time to implement while costing the least, as well.

In the Razer Edge you’ll be seeing this technology burst to life starting in the first quarter of 2013. With what Vice President of Synaptics’ Smart Displays Division says about this situation is that “Optimal performance is key to the success of the Razer Edge, and ClearPad 7300 provides the most sophisticated and accurate finger tracking capability, crucial to gaming performance on tablet devices.” Sound pretty good to you? We’ll see this device again up close and personal soon!

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