Razer ditches RGB for new ergonomic PC accessories lineup

When it comes to PC accessories, Razer definitely has an audience, and that audience is gamers. That's all changing today, as the company has partnered with Humanscale to release a new lineup of ergonomic PC accessories aimed at professionals – particularly those who are stuck working from home during the pandemic. There are three products in Razer's productivity suite, as it's officially called: A mouse, a keyboard, and a mousepad.

Specifically, those products are called the Pro Click, Pro Type, and Pro Glide. All three devices have a white and gray color scheme to them, and as you might expect, there's no RGB in sight – a rare thing for Razer peripherals. That said, the Pro Type keyboard does feature white LED backlighting, so you should still be able to see your keys in the dark.

It seems that the the Pro Click mouse is the centerpiece of this lineup, and the principal focus of Razer's partnership with Humanscale. The mouse is designed to keep the user's wrist at a 30 degree angle, which Razer says will help reduce the risk of developing conditions like tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. The company also says that the mouse is suitable for users with small and large hands alike.

It uses Razer's 5G optical sensor and features multi-host Bluetooth functionality that supports up to 4 devices. The mouse also includes 8 programmable buttons – which means that if you like using it for work you can probably also use it for gaming – and Razer touts a "battery life in excess of 400 hours."

As far as the Pro type keyboard is concerned, Razer says that its proprietary orange mechanical switches and soft-touch coating on the keys give it ergonomic benefits, though it doesn't feature the split board design we see in many ergonomic keyboards. The keyboard does come with a set of programmable macro keys, so again, we're seeing some features that gamers can benefit from as well. Finally, we have the Pro Glide mousepad, which has a design that matches the other two accessories and uses a "textured micro-weave cloth surface" to keep mouse movement smooth.

Razer is launching all three products today on its website, while we'll see the lineup land at authorized retailers on August 27th. The Pro Click mouse comes in at $99.99, while the Pro Type keyboard costs $139.99 and the Pro Glide mousepad runs a mere $9.99.