Razer buys THX: This is why

Razer has bought THX, the latter company's CEO Ty Ahmad-Taylor announced in a statement this evening. THX will continue to operate largely as it has been, doing so with goals to grow its certification business while continuing along with both THX Live! and THX Inside. However, the company says that things are changing a bit for partners: THX is now offering more certification lines like Bluetooth speakers, set-top-boxes, and more.

In addition to boosting certification lines, Ahmad-Taylor says THX is streaming its certification process. This'll ultimately speed things up for the company's partners — or, as THX says, 'provide the same value...in a shorter time-frame.'

Of course, the big question is why did THX sell out to Razer? And what plans does Razer have for the company? As far as THX is concerned, having Razer as its parent company enables it to better focus on its trio of core businesses; THX itself is still going to operate like a standalone company.

For Razer's part, it saw the chance to get access to THX's intellectual property, not to mention the high opinion of the THX brand. We can expect to see THX's involvement in gaming, particularly in virtual reality, of which Ahmad-Taylor says 'we expect to play a leadership role' (in the VR experience).

THX's CEO suggests it is possible we'll be seeing some Razer-THX joint products in the future. As it stands, Ahmad-Taylor will now be reporting to Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan and will keep running things on the THX side. For the everyday gamer, little has changed.

SOURCE: Medium