Razer Anzu Smart Glasses is more like an open-ear headset

When people talk about smart glasses, most probably think of something like the canceled Google Glass or some more hi-tech augmented reality eyewear. If that's the image you have in your head with Razer's first venture into smart eyewear, you might be very disappointed. Despite Razer calling the Anzu Smart Glasses, these specs are really more like audio glasses with some smart features, including protecting your eyes from harmful light coming from your computers or devices.

Razer is all about gaming, of course, so it would have been a bit of character for it to suddenly jump into true AR-powered smart glasses. Not to mention how that market is very small and expensive for such a gaming accessory. Instead, the Razer Anzu joins the slowly growing audio glasses market carved out by the likes of Bose and Amazon.

The Anzu's smarts primarily refer to its open-ear wireless audio capabilities, delivered via 60ms low-latency Bluetooth 5.1 and built-in speakers. An omnidirectional mic makes talking with teammates or your preferred smart assistant a breeze. All of these are discreetly hidden inside the glasses' lightweight frame, disguising the smart accessory as run-of-the-mill computer specs.

Besides its stylish design, the Razer Anzu also has one other advantage over traditional earphones and headsets. Combining 35% blue light filtering lenses and 99^ UVA/UAB polarized glasses, the Anzu protects your eyes during those long hours using your computer or even your phone, especially while gaming.

With an IPX4 rating, the audio glasses are splashproof enough for you to take them on your runs, even under light rain. The Razer Anzu "Smart" Glasses are now available for $199.99 with replacement sunglass lenses costing $29.99.