Razer announces partnership with eSports team Evil Geniuses

Craig Lloyd - Feb 4, 2013, 3:26 pm CST
Razer announces partnership with eSports team Evil Geniuses

Razer, a company best known for its gaming peripherals and its lime green color schemes, has announced a partnership with eSports team Evil Geniuses in order to “reinforce” the company’s “support of eSports globally.” The partnership will see Razer serve as the gaming team’s official partner for gaming peripherals, with the entire team using Razer gear in all future tournaments.

The Evil Geniuses is one of the oldest professional gaming teams in North America, and they have one of the most prestigious rosters of in the region, so it makes sense that Razer teamed up with the eSports organization. However, Razer also plans to bring Evil Geniuses-branded peripherals and accessories to fans, and will eventually have them for sale on the Razer website.

If you’re not quite sure what the term eSports means, PBS just recently released a video that explores eSports and goes behind the scenes a bit. Essentially, it’s a term that describes competitive video gaming, and it’s short for “electronic sports.” Teams go up against each other playing a variety of games in different genres.

This isn’t the first time that Razer has partnered with an eSports team, though. They’ve made partnerships with Mousesports, Team Liquid, and Counter Logic Gaming in the past, but their partnership with Evil Geniuses is by far the company’s most important eSports partnership yet, and it “reinforces Razer’s commitment to the ever-growing e-Sports industry.”

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