Razer and Sixense bring motion-sensing peripheral to PC gaming [Video]

Paul Fang - Jan 8, 2010
Razer and Sixense bring motion-sensing peripheral to PC gaming [Video]

Dedicated PC gaming accessories manufacturer Razer has teamed up with Sixense to bring motion-sensing peripherals to PC gaming.  By means of a an electromagnetic field sent out from a transmitter, the two-controller set up is able to create a precise replication of on-screen movements.   Furthermore, the technology can also support gesture-based commands, and more remarkably can detect position in space along six axes.

Engadget calls it “sort of like a Wiimote / Natal mashup, but just for PCs”.   There is a demo of Left 4 Dead 2 to showcase the Razer Sixense Ultra Precise Motion Controller.  CNet calls it “while there was a bit of a learning curve, the motion control was on point and accurate. We were able to rotate and slice a katana blade on screen, successfully decapitating a few zombies in the process. Shooting seemed a bit more intuitive and we were impressed with the satisfying degree of control the device offered”.

There isn’t a completed product yet nor a released price, but the device‘s availability has been confirmed for this year.  For all those hopeful katana-wielding PC gamers out there.

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