Raytheon XOS 2 Exoskeleton Development Complete, Reduces Energy Consumption [Video]

Raytheon, having just announced that the development of their second-generation Exoskeleton have just completed, called the first iteration of the XOS system a proof of concept. As many would have already guessed, this new version of the Exoskeleton is faster, stronger, and lighter than its predecessor, and designed to use less energy while still offering better maneuverability, and adding more power.

Raytheon Sarcos VP, Dr. Fraser M. Smith outlined their methods pretty clearly, saying that with the "XOS 2, we targeted power consumption and looked for ways to use the hydraulic energy more efficiently." He adds in the video, "That's resulted in us being able to add capabilities while significantly reducing the energy consumption by up to 50%."

The new model, the XOS 2, utilizes high-pressure hydraulics. The result is a suit that allows the user therein to lift upwards of 200 pounds, several hundred times without growing tired. The suit will also allow the user to punch through three inches of wood easily. But the designers and engineers have made sure that the suit is also nimble and graceful, so that the user doesn't have to worry about being bogged down by the Exoskeleton they're wearing.

Smith says that getting the powered external skeletons deployed into the field is inevitable, and adds that they could be in place on the field within the next 5 years. The video below showcases the ease of use and power of the suit, and you even get to see Clark Gregg (actor that makes a repeated appearance in the Iron Man films) show off the suit a bit.

[via TG Daily]