Rayqual Lens Adapters Give Sony NEX Cameras Options

Evan Selleck - Jun 18, 2010
Rayqual Lens Adapters Give Sony NEX Cameras Options

Options never hurt. That’s why we’re happy to hear that the Sony NEX line of mirrorless cameras is going to get a few options for themselves here shortly. Thanks to Rayqual, a manufacturer out of Japan, the pair of cameras is primed and ready to get Leica, Nikon, and Canon lenses attached to their faces. Something as simple as a lens adapter is the catalyst, making it possible for us to take even better shots than we could before.

Unfortunately, as great as all that is, you do lose one key feature: autofocus. You obviously get autofocus is you stick to the standard Sony lens, but the moment you pop on that adapter and shove, say, that Leica lens on, you’ll just have to deal without it.

As for pricing, you’re looking at spending between ¥19,950 and ¥25,200, depending on the lens adapter of your choice. That breaks down to between $220 and $275. You could be spending a lot more on a camera, sure, and if you like the body of the Sony NEX-3 or NEX-5, but you want a better lens, then this is probably a small price to pay to make that happen.

[via Wired Gadget Lab]

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