Rayman Origins from Ubisoft at E3

Rayman Origins is the newest in the franchise where Rayman and blue friend named Globox are back for some more action in this zany arcade style side-scroller. The demo opens with Rayman and his large blue friend chasing a large decorative treasure chest. Well, we are not sure exactly what it is. The chest looks like a barbeque, and also a little like the Arc of the Covenant from Raiders of the Lost Arc, but eventually does turn out to be a treasure chest.

With so many slash and blood hits released at E3, Ubisoft is probably trying to get a larger portion of the younger, more family oriented market with this release. Rayman's blue friend also helps out with 2-person combo moves like jumps and hi-dives. Even though they are cooperating, Rayman and Globox can also smack each other about for some good old fashioned physical humor. Ubisoft is definitely returning to Rayman's roots by sticking with the 2D action format with this title.

Not everyone is looking for a game that requires a serious time commitment or suffering through a steep learning curve. This type of game is perfect for the casual gamer or the under mature audience. It seems like Ubisoft is revealing several remakes of older games this E3, and Origins certainly fits the bill. Any old school gamers that remember the original will probably love this almost nostalgic game, but it is probably not competing against games like Assassin's Creed.