Rayman Legends Wii U trailer leaked

Looking forward to Nintendo's Wii U? The concept is interesting enough, but its how games will take advantage of it that will really make or break the device. Hallmark Nintendo titles like Mario and Zelda will inevitably make the jump to the platform, but what can you look forward to for third party titles? According to a new leak, Rayman Legends will be coming to the next-generation console.

The leaked trailer shows off the gameplay, and touts the new engine that Ubisoft is using for the game, and we have to say, it looks absolutely fantastic. Blending 2D animation with 3D models, a smooth camera, and bold colors, it has us immediately interested in a franchise we would normally disregard.

As for the Wii U gameplay itself, the touchscreen controller will see use during certain platforming/puzzle sections, and NFC capability is shown off. If you place a heart accessory on top the the Wii U controller, the characters in game will be showered with precious heart pieces to continue their journey. Interesting twist, although we wonder how often players will honestly use the feature.

Ubisoft is reportedly trying to take down the video across the interweb, so we suggest you watch the embedded video below quickly to take a peek. If nothing else, just admire the gorgeous art.

[via Joystiq]