Rawr messaging app lets you hug, twerk, and kick your friends in the crotch

If you want to message your friends, but don't want to use plain old text messaging, you have plenty of apps to choose from. If you want to send photos, you can use Snapchat. If you want to make sure that all of your messages are encrypted, you can use WhatsApp. And now, if you want to virtually kick your friend in the crotch, then you can use Rawr.

Rawr is a new messaging app that appears to be aimed squarely at tweens and teens. Like any other messaging app, you can find your friends and send text messages back-and-forth. But unlike the rest, you'll get to create your own avatar that looks suspiciously close to the Xbox Live avatars. These avatars will occasionally react to certain keywords in your conversation.

You also have the option to take specific actions. If you want to embrace the person, you can use #hug. If you want to kick them in the crotch, you can use #kick. And if you feel the need to make your avatar twerk, there's a #twerk hashtag for that, as well.

The free app launched yesterday, and is currently an iOS exclusive. Sorry Android users, you'll have to find another app that lets your avatar kiss, fart, throw up, twerk, and more. But honestly, as amusing as it might be for a few minutes, I don't think you're going to be missing out on much.

Source: Rawr