RasPiComm extension board adds new features to the cheap Raspberry Pi

Shane McGlaun - Mar 27, 2013, 5:30 am CST
RasPiComm extension board adds new features to the cheap Raspberry Pi

If you’re the sort of geek who likes to tinker with all sorts of electronics products and projects, you may be familiar with the Raspberry Pi developer board. This little mini-computer/developer board sells for $35 and has basic hardware allowing you to create a huge number of different projects. The board features a 700 MHz processor, integrated GPU, and can boot from a SD card.

The model A the device features 256 MB of RAM while the newer model B features 512 MB. The little developer board also has a single USB 2.0 port and more. The problem some geeks who want to integrate the Pi into their projects run into is a lack of features to do the job they want.

The Raspberry Pi can be fitted with a wide array of new features via the RasPiComm extension board. The extension board adds additional ports, a real-time clock, and a five-way joystick input device. The new ports include a RS-485 port allowing for control of stepper motors and other objects. The extension board also has an RS-232 port as well as a real-time clock with a battery backup.

Other features of the board include a direct I2C connector allowing the user to directly connect a display or sensors. The five-way joystick input makes it easier to control the Raspberry Pi. All of those features are packed into a very small piggyback board requiring no additional cables. The extension board also has full API support including drivers for an OLED display, advanced stepper motor control, and a daemon mode allowing you to control the extension board via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. The extension board is available now for €43.69.

[via Amescon]

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