Raspberry Pi sells out at $25 a pop (in the USA)

Less than a day after the least expensive iteration of the miniature stripped-down computer known as Raspberry Pi was formally introduced to the US market, it's been sold out. This machine is only being offered (or was only being offered, rather) in the USA by the retailer known as Allied Electronics, and they've let it be known that they've currently sold out of the unit – but there's a catch. According to TechCrunch, the retailer may have only had about 70 units to sell in the first place!

At the moment you'll find that though there are no Raspberry Pi units left for sale in the $25 category, the slightly higher-powered $35 USD edition can still be picked up for its normal price. According to the Allied Electronics sales page for the $25 edition:

"Due to limited supply of the Raspberry Pi Model A, we are not offering preorders or backorders on the product at this time. The Raspberry Pi Model A will only be available for purchase when we have inventory on hand to fill the order. We regret this inconvenience and sincerely thank you for your patience." – Allied Electronics

If you've been looking for this device over the past few weeks, you'll know all to well that it's been for sale in both Europe and Asia for some time, the most recent release happening here in the USA with about as much fervor surrounding it as any far more expensive PC. When you've got the ability to compute on a device that's the size of a credit card that also costs less than a night on the town, units are bound to move!

You'll be interested to know that the $35 Raspberry Pi remains available at many retailers throughout the USA. Stake your claim right this minute!

Have a peek at the timeline below to see more information on the Raspberry Pi miniature computer (and its many offshoots) and be sure to head to the Raspberry Pi tag portal for more sweet berry action through the future. Would you purchase one of these little firecrackers if you had the chance?