Raspberry Pi Model A+ dev board debuts

One of the most popular developer boards around is the Raspberry Pi. The thing that makes the Raspberry Pi so popular is that the board is very flexible and can be used in a number of projects, and it also happens to be priced very well making it affordable. Not too long ago the Raspberry Pi B+ dev board was unveiled. Another new version of the Pi leaked last week.

This leaked version was the Raspberry Pi Model A+ and scuttlebutt said that the board might go official as early as today, and the A+ has in fact now launched. The board leaked on the Element 14 website and was removed from the site shortly after and it is now up on RaspberryPi.org. With the board being official, we know exactly what to expect with the new A+ version.

The specs are very similar to the existing Model A, but the Model A's 26-pin GPIO connector is replaced with a 40-pin connector. The A+ model also gets a microSD card slot replacing the standard SD card slot and improved power management.

Model A+ can also support USB devices requiring more power from the USB port. System memory for the A+ version is 256MB; it lacks an Ethernet port, and has a single USB 2.0 host port. The new board will sell for $20 and is available to order now.

SOURCE: CNX-Software