Rare pink dolphin surfaces again in Louisiana waters

Whatever mental image you have dolphins, set it aside. "Pinky" is unlike any other, and for one very obvious reason: she is entirely pink. The dolphin was first spotted eight years ago as a young calf swimming near her mother in the waters near Louisiana. The man who first saw her reports having seen her hundreds of times over the years, sometimes with other dolphins and sometimes alone. And, now, it is reported that she may be pregnant.

The dolphin is not believed to be albino, as was first suspected. The reason is her strong pastel pink coloring, which appears too saturated for her to be albino. Rather, she has the coloring typically found only on a dolphin's belly, only it covers her head to fin.

If that is, in fact, her normal pigmentation rather than albinism, one must wonder what her offspring will look like. We may soon find out, as Captain Erik Rue from Calcasieu Charter Service — who first saw pinky — reports having seen her mating, meaning she may be pregnant.

It isn't clear whether she is, indeed, pregnant, nor how long ago this witnessed mating took place, so it's hard to estimate when we might see her with a baby dolphin in tow. Pinky was first spotted in 2007.