Rare Leica MP Titanium Limited Edition goes on sale in US

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 1, 2014
Rare Leica MP Titanium Limited Edition goes on sale in US

A handful of years ago, a limited edition Leica camera went on sale at the Leica Store Ginza in Tokyo. As with limited editions, the Leica MP Titanium had a limited run of 150, all of them only available in Japan. That has changed for one lucky (future) buyer, with a single camera going on sale in Miami.

The Leica MP Titanium is a film camera with a classic Leica design composed heavily of titanium parts, including the body cap. The camera is used, but as can me seen in the images, it is in like-new condition and will fit well in any Leica collection.

The camera is available at the Leica Store Miami for $40,000, and with it comes a signed certificate showing that it is authentic, as well as an extra battery cover, leather neck strap, presentation box, two base-plate plastic films, the outer box, a test certificate, and a Leica Barnack Club card.

The camera is #39 out of the 150 that were made, and it has only had one previous owner. In addition to all the trimmings that come with it, the certificate is signed by the previous CEO of Leica, Steven Lee. For more camera news, check out our related tag portal.

VIA: PetaPixel

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