Raptor LK1 gaming keyboard is waterproof and cheap

If you are a computer gamer, you should have an idea that normal computer peripherals like mice and keyboards are typically really bad for gaming. Keyboards that aren't meant for gaming are known to leave your character moving thanks to ghosting after you take your fingers off the WASD keys. If you want a cool gaming keyboard, but you are on a budget check out the Raptor LK1.

The keyboard has a normal layout for the keys and has some interesting features I haven't seen in other keyboards. The new feature is called Fast-Mover Technology. The tech will automatically lock keys when you remove the key tops for gaming. That way you can pull the keys you don't need and not have to worry that you will hit the wrong button.

The keyboard has anti-ghosting tech allowing six key presses at once. It comes with red WASD keys to make them easier to see in the dark. The keys are made to be quiet when pressed and the key removal tool is included. It can also resist spills so you can eat and game without fear of killing your keyboard with a spill. The price for the Raptor LK1 is $34.99.