Raon Digital Everun UMPC on video - looks awesome!

Oooh, let's put aside our papercraft iPhones (because seriously, you're going to get a papercut if you keep rubbing it to your ear) and feast our greedy eyes on Steve Paine's Raon Digital Everun UMPCproduction sample.  Lucky Steve had a quick run-in with the Raon team and was left with a bit more info and – more exciting – an Everun of his own to play with.Check out the video footage of the Everun after the cut...


Running the AMD LX900 processor, the model Steve has is the 30GB standard hard-drive unit (i.e. not the one with an SSD) weighing under 500g yet with Bluetooth, WiFi, a QWERTY thumbboard and 4.8-inch touchscreen.  He's put together some videos exploring the device; firstly an overview and then, after public demand, some more specific footage of the keyboard.

Some little things are annoying him so far – the lack of an SD slot being one of them (though it's not such a big deal for me) as well as the odd way that the Everun reports battery status to Windows (or rather it doesn't – it shows up as an alternative power supply, apparently.  Raon provides an alternative battery monitor) – but otherwise he seems to have fallen in love.

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