Raon Digital Everun Note D24S & S16S video demo

After Raon Digital announced their two new SSD-based Everun Note models, the S16S and D24S, we've been waiting to see how the switch to solid-state storage affects their performance.  Given that the original Everun Note was known as something of a pocket power-house, only held back by its traditional 60GB hard-drive, the stakes are certainly high.  UMPCPortal's Steve has just received the Everun Note S16S and D24S, and tested them out in a huge 2hr marathon.Check out the video demo after the cut

The key differences between the S16S and the D24S is in storage and processor.  The former slots into the range as the new entry-level model, with a 12GB MLC SSD and a 1.2GHz Sempron CPU.  Meanwhile the D24S is the new flagship, with the same dual-core AMD Turion processor that was so impressive in the original Everun Note, paired with 8GB of fast SLC and 16GB of standard MLC flash memory.

The video runs through specifications, hardware components, side-by-side rendering capabilities and how the new models stack up to other UMPCs and netbooks.  My only one complaint would be the length; any chance of an edited, "bullet point" version, Steve?