Ramos alarm clock forces you to wake up with portable beacon

Some people have a lot of trouble getting out of bed in the morning, and for that reason a nearby snooze button is its own sort of addiction. Ramos is a smart alarm clock designed specifically for these non-morning people, forcing users to get out of bed by limiting how many times the snooze button can be hit before they have to get up and take their phone to a paired off-site beacon. Bringing one's phone and the beacon together allows one to enter the "defuse code", which finally, mercifully, silences the alarm.

The portable beacon is Ramos' most notable feature. Rather than rolling over to shut the alarm off, users have to get up and go to the beacon, which is effective as long as they don't cheat and put it next to the bed. The intention is that it'll be put wherever you go first in the morning — the kitchen, bathroom, wherever is nearby.

Other features join the Bluetooth beacon. Ramos can be factored into a smart home setup to do things like increase the heat before you wake up, slowly turn the lights on, and trigger a pot of coffee. There's a backup battery in case the power goes out, as well as a USB port for charging your phone.

As with many devices of these sorts, Ramos is seeking funding through Kickstarter, and it has only just begun. The folks behind the alarm clock are seeking $100,000 in backing, and are thus far about $16,000 in toward that goal. The final retail price for the alarm clock is $130, but a pledge of $99 will get you a model set to ship in May.

SOURCE: Digital Trends