Rambus claims rejected by US court, Hynix and Micron throw party

I had honestly forgotten all about this legal case that has been running since 2004. Back in 2004, Rambus filed suit claiming that DRAM firms Hynix and Micron conspired to prevent the adoption of the Rambus memory in computer systems. Rambus sued the other companies for $4 billion. That $4 billion could have turned into $12 billion with California treble damages.

Luckily for Hynix and Micron the US court that was hearing the case has ruled against Rambus. The jury hearing the case has ruled that Hynix and Micron did not conspire to prevent the Rambus tech from gaining a foothold in the market. Samsung was initially in the case, but dropped out when it agreed to pay Rambus $900 million through 2015.

I bet someone at Samsung is kicking themselves right now. Hynix and Micron both denied any claims of conspiracy and said that technical issues and other factors kept Rambus out of the market. I wonder if Samsung will try and get out of paying all the money it promised after the ruling was handed down.

[via Google AFP]