Ralink RT3090BC4 delivers Bluetooth 3.0 and 802.11n in one combo card for ultraportables

When it comes to getting the most battery life and performance out of ultraportable machines and netbooks the most energy efficient and best performing components are needed. Anytime those components can be converged, allowing one item to do the job of several it is a good thing. Ralink has announced that it has delivered the RT3090BC4 wireless solution for netbooks and ultramobile computers.

The device provides 802.11n WiFi connectivity along with Bluetooth 3.0+HS. Data rates for WiFi connectivity are up to 150Mbps. Ralink claims that the converged device saves space inside the small computers, uses less power than other offerings, and is lower cost for manufacturers.

The integrated solution can dynamically adjust WLAN and Bluetooth transmissions to reduce interference and responds automatically to the settings for nearby wireless access points. MSI is one of the first PC makers to use the combo solution inside its netbooks and more. There is no word on when the new solution will hit the market inside computer systems.