Rainbow Six Siege players now get auto-banned for toxic language

Ubisoft is cracking down on gamers who toss around toxic language, slapping them with an auto-ban in Rainbow Six Siege at the time of the offense. The decision to auto-ban these players is a move toward cleaning up the game environment, making it a more enjoyable experience for the majority of users. The duration of the ban depends on whether the player is a repeat offender.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft said it was developing tools to deal with the toxicity some players produce. Now we're seeing the first fruits of that effort, namely the auto-ban feature now live in Rainbow Six Siege. Ubisoft confirmed the new auto-ban feature to PC Gamer, explaining that it takes three offenses for an account review to be triggered.

The monitoring applies to the in-game text chat, where dropping certain homophobic and/or racist words will trigger the system. Initial bans apparently last for 27 minutes, giving the player enough time to realize they shouldn't do that again. Assuming it does happen again, the second and third auto-bans last for two hours each time.

If the player still hasn't learned to moderate their chats, a fourth offense will trigger Ubisoft to review the player's account, which may then result in it being permanently banned. In addition, the new system automatically replaces offensive words in the chat to improve the experience for everyone.

Offending players will receive a notification if they submit a word flagged by the system. Some gamers have taken to Twitter to complain, arguing that the game's Mature rating should dictate the language gamers are allowed to use. However, Ubisoft has dismissed that argument on its Twitter account, pointing out that some terms aren't acceptable regardless of the game's rating.


PC Gamer