Rainbow Six Siege gets Ultra HD DLC for PC in first update

Yesterday, Ubisoft pushed out an update for newly launched Rainbow Six Siege, bringing it up to version 1.1. This patch is the "first of many," says Ubisoft, with the changes going live today. The patch covers all the platform, though Ubisoft wants PC users will see an (expected) error message. The update adds new features and improvements while tweaking existing functionality.

As far as new content goes, the patch brings the DLC Ultra-HD Texture Pack for PC. The game will be a little more enjoyable, as well, thanks to an auto-kick feature that boots out those who purposely kill their own teammates. The rest of the patch is described as having general improvements and tweaks rather than big changes.

A number of bug fixes have been implemented, including solutions for the kill and replication cam issues. Ranked matchmaking has been improved; for example, the abandoned ranked game penalty is now only 8 minutes long. Other changes include better Glaz scope visibility, chat box character support increased to 128, and user interface issues have been ironed out.

Ubisoft says PC users will see a warning during maintenance that reads: [3-0x80030081] IncompatibleCustomClientVersion. The error message is expected and nothing to be concerned about. Rather, users should close down the game, then run the update. Launch the game once the update is finished and the changes will have been applied.

SOURCE: Ubisoft