Raikou Pokemon GO raid guide ready for LegenDog Weekend!

The best Pokemon to beat Raikou in Pokemon GO are here in list form – an aggregate of multiple lists from the top minds in Pokemon GO analysis. This is the first LegenDog Weekend of the next three months! This first month was announced to stick with Raikou here in the United States, so don't worry if you're stuck camping with your family over the next three days. You've got three WEEKS to catch this lightning doggy.

Best Pokemon to Beat Raikou

While we've had a peek at our own list of topmost battle-ready Pokemon up against Raikou earlier this week, today we're looking at an aggregate list. The list we've got here takes account of multiple top-level Pokemon GO analysts – like those from GamePress and Ranked Boost. Don't forget The Silph Road for additional tidbits.

NOTE: The image at the head of this article was illustrated by Arvalis from DeviantArt. This is just one of a massive collection of Pokemon illustrations from a master in the trade. He's got a couple books of the artwork, too. The image below is by Arvalis too!

7. Machamp (GLASS CANNON)

One of the best raiders ready to take on Raikou is Machamp – but be aware! Machamp is quite powerful with Counter or Karate Chop and Dynamic Punch, but there's a downside. Machamp's defense isn't so super great – and he rarely has a whole lot of HP.

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6. Nidoking (CONDITIONAL)

Next on the list of greatness is Nidoking. This Pokemon will need to roll with Fury Cutter and Earthquake if he's going to have any chance against Raikou. If he does, he's a monster masher.

5. Exeggutor (BEAMWORTHY)

There's a couple of ways an Exeggutor can be of assistance in a Raikou battle. Exeggutor can have Confusion or Extrasensory as a quick move. The REQUIREMENT for Exeggutor to be effective here is Solar Beam as a charge move!

4. Dragonite (HAPPY DRAGON)

As is almost always true, Dragonite is on the list with almost every move he's currently capable of having. That's Dragon Tail or Dragon Breath with Outrage or Dragon Claw. Dragonite is a happy-go-lucky dragon, but don't let that fool you – he's a mega-asset in the war against Legendary Dog Pokemon of several sorts.


Much like an armadillo or a pill bug, Donphan is prone to wrapping herself up in a ball to bring some unique power to the table. Donphan needs to come ready with Counter as her quick move and Earthquake as her Charge Move – otherwise she's not quite as beastly a force for Raikou.

2. Rhydon (WRASLIN' RHINO)

Rhydon is one of two of the best Pokemon to battle Raikou – he's pretty much just as powerful as Golem. Rhydon needs to come correct with both Mud Slap as a quick move and Earthquake as a charge move. And remember to dodge!


Much like Donphan, Golem is a rolling, smashing, hard-headed monster ready to knock out the best of the best. Golem has been in the top 3 for every Legendary Pokemon Raid Boss released thus far. While Earthquake is best for a charge move, Golem can have any of these three quick moves to battle Raikou effectively: Mud Slap, Mud Shot, or Rock Throw.


Mewtwo will be (or would have been) another great counter against Raikou. Those living in Japan that were lucky enough to catch a Mewtwo in his one and only release (so far) should certainly consider Mewtwo as a Raikou raider – with either Confusion or Psycho Cut for quick move, and Psychic or Shadow Ball for his charge move.

The Switch Up

The three legendary dog Pokemon in Pokemon GO will sit in Raid Battles in one of three regions for one month at a time. The following sets of names and dates was released by Niantic earlier this week. It is not known for certain whether the Legendary Bird Pokemon will be leaving today – though they should have been removed from the game already if Niantic's announcements are to be trusted.

Legendary Dog Pokemon Raid Battles:

• Raikou: USA first

• Entei: Europe and Africa first

• Suicune: Asia-Pacific first

After the first month, all three dogs will switch zones. The final month will have each dog entering the last remaining zone they've not yet entered.