Rahul Sood leaves HP and lands at Microsoft

If you are a PC, gamer odds are at one point you lusted after one of the cool and expensive Voodoo gaming rigs back when the company was a boutique shop making some sexy gaming rigs. The company was started by Rahul Sood and in 2006 HP gobbled up Voodoo and Sood went to work as the CTO for gaming at HP.

Sood and HP have now parted ways with Sood letting the cat out of the bag on his move to Microsoft. Sood will be the GM for System Experience in the interactive Entertainment Business. He says that he will be "working on some really....really...really cool stuff come January 2011."

Exactly what that cool stuff will be we have no idea. Some are hoping to see some cool new Kinect integration or some new Windows Phone 7 love. We will just have to wait and see what Sood gets involved with over at Microsoft.