Rage HD 2.0 update gives iOS a new ultra-cheap hero game

There's an update to one of the most awesome high definition games ever to grace the iOS platform in Id Software's Rage HD 2.0. This upgrade tosses the original 2010 game in the dust with such excellent features as HDMI output (via the same converter cable you use to get Netflix on your HDTV) and higher-resolution models across the board. What's best is that this game not only costs you less than a sandwich at your local sub shop, it'll work on most any iOS device you've got!

This game is able to work with devices all the way back to the iPhone 3GS, that including the third generation iPod Touch as well, and can send your original iPad some love too! You'll need 1.19GB of storage space to make the whole game work on your device, which might hinder you plans a bit, but just empty out the rest of your media for a great time had by all. This game is a first-person shooter, so also beware of that when you put it on your device which your small child also messes around with on the daily.

Also included in this update are in-app purchases, you now able to to pick up additional levels for less than a buck for when you've destroyed the rest of the game. You'll have a much more excellent time destroying monsters galore in this HD upgrade so do so now or forever hold your shotgun! Or in the case of ultimate RAGE champions, your pistol.

[via iTunes Appstore]