Radius Atomic Bass earphones & iPhone 3G headsets

Radius Products have announced an updated range of their Atomic Bass Earphones, complete with redesigned cables, improved aluminum casings and better fit for wearers with smaller ears.  The Radius Atomic Bass range includes standard stereo headphones and the company's "for iPhone 3G" version which incorporates a microphone and remote control.

In fact despite the "for iPhone 3G" branding, the wired-headset model is compatible with the MacBook Pro, iPod Touch 2G, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold and the Samsung Instinct.  All of the models have lengthened bass sound chambers – which Radius claim lets the "waves develop properly" – and 32 Ohms of impedance rather than the more common 16 Ohms.

Each is supplied with small, medium and large silicone ear-buds, and have gold-plated plugs.  The standard Radius Atomic Bass headphones are priced at $39.99, while the Radius Atomic Bass for iPhone 3G headphones are priced at $49.99. 

Press Release:

Radius Products Unleashes Second Generation of Atomic Bass Earphones

Super Charge Your Music with Booming Bass and Superb Fidelity

Available Now For $39.99 – $49.99 From Radiusearphones.com

Brooklyn, NY – (March 10, 2009) – Radius Products, a leader in top quality earphones and portable music accessories at affordable prices, announces a new improved version of their highly acclaimed Atomic Bass Earphones which has a new Y-style cable wiring for U.S. customers, a redesigned outer aluminum casing for a better fit and additional comfort for users with small ears. The eartips also have a better grip for preventing easy detachment. Japanese designed Radius Atomic Bass earphones deliver the highest level of sound quality, superior construction, unrivaled comfort and unparalleled style. The Atomic Bass is available for $39.99 and the Atomic Bass for iPhone 3G featuring a built-in Mic and remote control with advanced functionality is available for $49.99. The Atomic Bass earphones boast an array of great features including...

  • Unique Bass Technology – Bass sound waves are longer by nature, so it takes longer for bass energy to really get started. Radius has taken a different angle with the bass and created a unique shape with Atomic Bass earphones which feature a lengthened sound chamber to let those waves develop properly. They are perfect for the slamming bass of hip-hop and dance, but they are tonally balanced for any music style that demands rich, crisp audio fidelity.
  • Ultra-light Aluminum Earbud Design –The Radius Atomic Bass earphones are tailor made and precision crafted from ultra-light aluminum and feature a gold plated stereo mini-plug. Radius earphones look and sound perfect and are as functional as they are fashionable.
  • 32 Ohms of Impedance – Most earphones are rated at 16 Ohms of impedance. Atomic Bass Earphones are rated at 32 Ohms, which provides more efficiency, enormous sound and reduces battery usage.
  • Multiple Ear Size Design – The Atomic Bass earphones offer unrivaled comfort and unparalleled style and design to fit all size ears with S, M, L silicone caps.
  • Advanced Functionality – The iPhone 3G version features a Built-in Mic and remote that has receive call, disconnect call, play, stop and skip functions. This version is also compatible with iPhone, Macbook Pro, iPod Touch 2G, Blackberry Storm, Blackberry Bold and the Samsung Instinct. (Compatible with all other phones as Earphones, no Mic functionality)
  • "Since we debuted the Atomic Bass earphones the response has been insane" says Ben Sedaghat, CEO of Radius Products. "Celebrities and fans around the world say that it's like being inside your stereo or in a club. We started Radius with the goal of providing people a high quality affordable audio option that doesn't break the bank."

    The Radius Atomic Bass Earphones and Atomic Bass Earphones for iPhone 3G are available now online for $39.99 and $49.99. For more information on product specifications and availability, please visit www.radiusearphones.com