Radiopaq iPod Sound Jacket: claims to put the “mmm” back in MP3

Chris Davies - Jul 6, 2009
Radiopaq iPod Sound Jacket: claims to put the “mmm” back in MP3

Do you like your music loud and garnished with vaguely nonsensical statistics?  Then step right up, as Radiopaq are offering both with their new iPod Sound Jacket.  Intended for the fourth-gen iPod nano, the Sound Jacket is billed as an automatic graphic equalizer and – according to Radiopaq – improves sound quality “by up to 60-percent.”


Rather than doing that by giving you electric shocks until you go back and re-rip all your CDs at twice the bit-rate, the Sound Jacket “eliminates the distortion that can sometimes result from a static EQ setting, and reveals hidden detail in the music that is lost during MP3 compression.”  We’re not entirely sure how it re-discovers that detail, to be honest, but from the sound of it a lot of the credit has to go to the fact that the Sound Jacket works as a micro-amplifier.

If, then, you’re dissatisfied by the sound output of your iPod nano 4G (and many people do find it’s too weak to drive more serious headphones) then the Radiopaq iPod Sound Jacket may be for you.  At £69.99 ($113), though, it’s an expensive way to boost sound.


Press Release:

Radiopaq Expands Intelligent Audio Range with iPod Sound Jacket

…Dramatically enhance the audio quality of your MP3s with a brand new iPod accessory…

Issue Date 7 July 2009: Visionary audio brand Radiopaq, creator of the acclaimed internet radio search engine, has today expanded its Intelligent Audio product range with the launch of the Sound Jacket. Designed for use with the 4th generation iPod Nano, the Sound Jacket utilises Radiopaq’s Intelligent Audio technology to significantly improve the audio quality of MP3 music tracks.

The file compression process used in the creation of MP3 files means that audio can often sound flat or distorted, far removed from the artists’ originally intended sound. However, the Radiopaq Sound Jacket counteracts this by dynamically enhancing the audible performance of any MP3 track, improving sound quality by up to 60%.

In essence, the Sound Jacket acts like a Graphic Equalizer (EQ), but one that automatically adjusts itself continuously to best suit the music that is being played. This eliminates the distortion that can sometimes result from a static EQ setting, and reveals hidden detail in the music that is lost during MP3 compression.

Compatible with either headphones or a standard iPod compatible dock, the Sound Jacket offers a number of audio improvements including:
Extra warmth and bass when needed, not just rumble
An expanded sound stage, making tracks ‘come alive’
Low distortion and wide volume range thanks to the Sound Jacket’s built in micro amp

In addition the Sound Jacket boasts a super slim and lightweight design and doesn’t require any charging itself, receiving its power direct from the iPod. This equates to over twelve hours of continuous listening.

Prash Vadgama, Radiopaq President, commented: “The Sound Jacket marks an evolution in personal audio technology. The iPod has become virtually ubiquitous with many people only ever listening to music that has been converted into the MP3 format. This has resulted in listeners becoming used to the inferior, compressed quality and not realising they’re missing out on the full audio experience as intended by the musician. The Sound Jacket seeks to reverse this trend and allow people to enjoy music as it should be, rich and warm with an expanded sound stage. You won’t believe what your ears have been missing.”

The Sound Jacket retails for £69.99 inc. VAT and is available from Amazon and from

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