Radiating Heat - Making use of the extra heat

Nothing makes a room less attractive then a bulky radiator which, despite their usefulness, are just plain ugly. You can't really do anything with them and if they are in use you cant put anything on them, until now. Designer Byung-seok You has a decorative and clever way to spruce up your radiators.

The Natural Wave is a new kind of warming plate. The ceramic plate fits perfectly into the grooves of your radiator and will keep your drinks and snacks at a perfect temperature, especially on these up and coming cold nights. The Natural Wave is sure to make any room more inviting with warm treats at hand.

I'd say the best thing about this handy plate is that it saves on energy. Using the heat you're already generating you wont have to use up any extra power or energy like you would with a microwave or hot pad. The Natural Wave almost makes me wish I had a radiator to use it with.

Radiators Have Other Uses Too [via Yanko Design]