Radeon 28nm HD 7950 video card tipped for end of January

It looks like the video card wars are set to get hot again as AMD is rolling out its latest GPU by the end of the month called the HD 7950 reports DigiTimes. The new GPU uses 28nm process tech. It looks like for at least a few months; AMD will be the only major GPU firm offering 28nm process chips. DigiTimes sources claim that NVIDIA is holding out on offering 28nm parts until April.

The sources claim that NVIDIA is looking at holding off until the power consumption and manufacturing process of the new chips is perfected. If NVIDIA actually sticks to that April launch, it will put the new GPU on the market at roughly the same time as the 22nm Intel Ivy Bridge processors. There will reportedly be several GPUs that come from NVIDIA using the 28nm process.

Sources are claiming there will be a GK104 to replace the current GTX 560Ti GPU, a GK107 for the entry-level market, and a GK106 for the mid-range to entry-level shoppers. The GK110 will pack in a pair of the GK104 GPUs and the high-end will be the GK112. The GK112 is tipped to land in Q4 2012 or even early 2013.

[via DigiTimes]