Racing gear for PS3 from Porsche

Ever wanted to drive a Porsche? Still working a 9-5 with no chance of making enough to afford one? Well now you can come close with some officially licensed reproduction gaming controls for your PS3.

The set is all wireless and comes with a steering wheel, set of pedals, gear shifter, and USB dongle all officially licensed from Porsche with logos on the USB dongle and steering wheel. Really it looks pretty nice, and may well be worth it cost.

The cost, since you're wondering, is $350 for the set. Whereas the cheapest Porsche car you can get your hands on is the Boxter for a little more than $45,000 you can get your hands on the wheel for the cost of a PS3, a racing game, and $350 for this set.

Porsche licenses gear for PS3 [via Crave]