R2D2 Fridge is rare; might break the bank

If you're big into Star Wars collectibles, this is a must-have! Well, if you can afford it, that is. This R2D2 compact refrigerator was made back in 2002 as a promotion for Attack of the Clones in Japanese 7-11 stores, but its price tag may make it more inaccessible than its low production count does.

Only 1,000 of these cool robots fridges were made, and now ToyEast has gotten ahold of one. It's in great condition, but it costs $1,070. That's pretty pricey for a mini-fridge, if you ask me.

But given the rarity of the promotion item and the loyalty of Star Wars fans, I'd say they'll be able to sell this one. Now let's see if any more pop up on the market.

[via technabob]