R2D2 Aquarium

I'm not entirely sure how much needs to be said about this; I mean, it's an R2D2 Aquarium.  A 1 3/4 gallon fishtank sits inside the stomach of one of the most recognizable droids in science fiction, complete with color-changing LED tank lights and waterproof double-sided tank picture with scenes from the Star Wars movies.  But oh no, it doesn't end there...

A noise-recognition system responds by turning the droid's dome and he whistles at you.  Peer into the radar eye, and you'll find it's actually a periscope for getting a fish-level view of what's going on inside the tank.  Thankfully the R2D2 Aquarium doesn't actually move; a drum full of water and fish tumbling down the stairs probably isn't the best thing to happen to your carpets.

Available now from – you guessed it – Hammacher Schlemmer, the R2D2 Aquarium is priced at $129.95.  He'll ship on December 5th, just in time for Christmas. 

[via Shiny Shiny]