R2-D2 Toy Responds to 40 Voice Commands, Will Play Tag

Every time you watch Star Wars, and R2-D2 rolls out into the scene, do you ever find yourself thinking, "Hey, I want one of those."? Well, if you have, there's a brand new way for you to get your hands on one. This new toy, powered by a bevy of batteries, is designed to bring R2-D2 to life, as much as that's possible, anyway. With the ability to walk around your home in that trademark waddle, and respond to your voice commands, it will definitely feel like you've got the real deal.

This R2-D2 replica, which is completely motorized and multi-functional, has all sorts of cool features. For example, you can talk to it. You can say things like, "Turn around," and "Move forward two units," and he will follow your instructions to the best of its ability. It also features all sorts of sensors inside of it. The primary one would be the infrared sensors within, giving it the ability to follow you around, as well as avoid obstacles that are surely placed all over your abode.

It's able to recognize over 40 voice commands, and R2-D2 can even play tag with you. And, while having a robot chase you around may bring nightmares to most, this is R2-D2. Enough said. You'll need batteries to make him work, though. Four AA batteries, and four DD ones, too. And the price isn't cheap, either, but not that you should have expected it to be. At $199.95, you'll definitely have to ask for this guy for Christmas.

[via Ubergizmo]