R2-D2 Night Projector

Star Wars it seems will never be outdated, every day you can find another new product and today is no exception. The R2-D2 Night Projector is a great accessory to any Star Wars fan's room, or for the little ones.

R2-D2 will project three Star Wars images about your room. You'll an X-wing starfighter, the Millennium Falcon and of course the Death Star. It also comes in blue or white or even a red R2-M5 version. While it might be a little cooler if you could switch the images, this 6” figure will still brighten your nights.

It not too pricey, $20, and even if you don't use the projection it's still sort of cool looking. This is the droid you're looking for.

R2-D2 Night Projector [via Geekalerts]